The origin of silk weaves date back to the Indus Valley Civilization. Silks in India are an inseprable part of the age-old rituals and ceremonies. At FFAB, we continuously strive to preserve our rich Indian textile heritage and, silk happens to be a signifcant part of it. This evergreen fabric comes in a variety of Banarasi, Raw Silk, Natural/Wid Silk, Habotai Silk, Organza, Crepe, Georgette & more.

Silk has been the epitome of opulence and luxury for ages. The journey of this natural fibre, right from spinning the cocoon to obtaining the final yarn, is a testament to the wonders that nature does! Silk weaving is very close to FFAB's heart and holds a significant place in the gamut of textiles. Since our inception, we have been supporting silk weavers across different clusters like Bhagalpur, Champa, Bengaluru and Banaras. We work with 500+ weavers and numerous expert weaving centres across the country.

Along with celebrating our domestic roots, we are also committed to collaborating overseas with textile producers. FFAB brings in a variety of silks like CDC, Georgette, Satin Silk, French Chiffon, Silk Blends and more from abroad.