Are you a Fashion Designer or Boutique Owner?

If yes, we have a treat for you. We admire the hours and efforts you put in your business; juggling between creative as well as executive roles. The biggest challenge boils down to sourcing the right fabrics for creating your masterpieces. Let us make this quest easier for you.

Skim through the widest variety of natural fabrics at a tap of your fingertips at Let us take you through the fabrics of your dreams while you lounge at the comfort of your home or studio, instead of rushing from one shop to another trying to find the perfect match. Use your precious time CREATING & DESIGNING (an opportunity especially created for Boutiques & Fashion Designers).

JOIN FFAB Business Membership Program today at or at any of our stores and get:

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Please note that FFAB Business Membership Program is currently open only for Indian Customers. If you are a customer from out of India, Please fill in the form and our support team will get in touch with you.

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