Are you an owner of a boutique or a fashion designer ?

If yes, we treat you differently as we value the dedication with which you manage your business switching between your role as a creative person and as a business owner. One of those struggles is to source the right fabric for what you want to create. FFAB makes that struggle much easier for you...

Explore & Shop online at to be able to source right fabric at wholesale prices sitting at your Studio so that you get more time to do what you are best at - CREATING & DESIGNING (an opportunity especially created for Boutiques & Fashion Designers)

JOIN FFAB Business Membership Program today at or at any of our Stores and get a Preferred Trade Pricing every time you order with us without restriction to any Minimum Purchase Quantity. You become eligible for upto 20% Discount on all your purchases from FFAB. 

Once you register as a B2B customer, you will receive an applicable discount at the time of checkout. Apart from this, a host of other benefits can be availed by all FFAB Business Members. All our business members get exclusive benefits like Dedicated Customer Support, Preferential pricing, Regular Updates etc 

As a FFAB Business Member, you will get a discount at the time of checkout once you have registered with us as a business member. 

Each Order Amount (Cart Value)

Your Discount  

Purchases between Rs 5000-Rs 10000


Purchases between Rs 10000- Rs 25000


Purchases above Rs 25000


Please note that FFAB Business Membership Program is currently open only for Indian Customers. If you are a customer from out of India, Please fill in the form and our support team will get in touch with you.

Once you register yourself for the program, you will get an email confirming your registration. Upon receipt of the email, please visit our website and create your account. Once you create your account, your account will be mapped for FBM offer everytime you buy from our website. 

Still have a question before joining? Call/whatsapp us at 18008910056 or email us at 

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