What's a world without prints? Walk the daily fashion runway with FFAB's largest variety of printed fabrics online, available in a mix of digital and screen prints. With more than 5000+ designs, we house affordable printed fabrics for every mood and occasion. We design every fabric keeing the modern-day taste and styles in mind. Our bouquet inludes floral, geometric, abstract, chevron, checks and more trendy patterns. .

Just like designs add life to a blank canvas, prints breathe a fashionable life into textiles. Since the inception of FFAB, Mr Praavin and Mr Sandeep Mittal have been huge fans of prints. Owing to their love for experimentation, they introduced a state-of-art Digital Printing Unit at the FFAB warehouse, where you get more than 5000 designs on a variety of 200+ base fabrics and an exclusive custom digital printing facility.

Our vision to promote natural Indian textiles to a global audience brought us to explore the beautiful art of screen printing. While traversing the villages of India, we decided to house collections that reflect the beauty of rural India on our website. Today we work with 100+ printers who bring the best screen prints in designs inspired by the floral and fauna around them. By working hand-in-hand we are committed to helping weavers and artisans prosper, learn modern techniques and blend them with their skill and traditional knowledge of textiles.