FFAB has a beautiful journey of 17 years in the Indian textile space, founded on a principle that places the dignity of everyone associated with us - our employees, our weavers & artisans, our customers, our vendors and environment at the core of its value system.

FFAB connection with Handloom Weavers and Artisans goes back to its inception in 2003 when we realised the dearth of fabrics and textiles rich in color, weave and texture in the market. Back then, this sector did not get enough support and recognition either from the government and from the market. The Indian Handloom & Artisan Story is spread across the length and breadth of the country. It is a shining example of our rich culture to the world. We, then, realised that the sector must get a much more prominent space in the textile sector which has been continuously dominated by the powerloom and mill sector over the decades since independence. 

The founders of FFAB started to connect with handloom weavers and artisans across different clusters in India in order to establish a close and collaborative connection with them. Every region in India is equipped with a special textile art that they have been doing over generations. The only effort required was to give due importance and recognition to their work and take them out from the clutch of traders and wholesalers who exploited them over the decades and did not give them the fair price for their produce.

The hand weaving and artisan community is shrinking very fast in India as the newer generations refrain from continuing with what has been created by their forefathers. One of the most important reasons is the exploitation and financial struggle they have witnessed during their childhood. The other reason is the availability of white collar jobs in urban cities. Both these factors are leading to fast depletion of these communities and art. Thus, FFAB has been working very hard for revival of this community over the years.

FFAB strategy has been two-fold in this regard. Firstly, to establish a collaborative, and engaging connect so that they get regular work at fair prices. This strategy has led to building a platform where creativity becomes a continuous process and they secure continuous work from us. A team of textile designers at FFAB headquarters are supporting them to scale up their skill set and creativity. 

The second objective has been more on the social platform where FFAB ensures regular work for the weavers and artisans so that they get a regular source of engagement in their work and their source of income is steady. We also undertake many training programs for these weavers to train them on various aspects of work and life.

FFAB works with over 1375+ Handloom Weavers & Artisans for the revival & sustainability of their art and to provide them with a consistent platform for growth. This number is slowly growing over the years. This network is a result of constant efforts over the years. The  relationship with the weaving & artisan community has been very enriching and full of learnings and experiences that makes us very uniquely placed in the industry.

FFAB has taken Indian textile especially the produce from Handloom Weavers and Artisans community beyond Indian boundaries and many designers in India and other countries constantly incorporate these produce in their current and upcoming collection.

Our offering from Indian Crafts include highly curated collections of crafts based textile like Ajrakh Prints, Bandhej, Kalamkari, Tye n Dye, Hand embroidery, Batik, Shibori, Chikankari and many more.

From the handloom community, exclusive weaves like Kota, Banarsi, Jamdani, Brocades, Chanderis, Maheshwari, Muslin, Ikat and many more.

At the heart of all of these lies extensive support that we have received from this community and an urge to carry forward the legacy of Indian Textile to global scale thus ensuring the overall growth and development of this community.

We salute and thank every handloom weaver and artisan spread across different clusters for their selfless contribution to the Indian Textile. Now is the time to recognize their effort and give them due recognition.