Softness Wrapped in Luxury

Don't be surprised if you start to notice your skin glowing and your hair shining! The secret? SILK

Silk as a fabric has been cherished for millennia for crafting luxurious clothing as well as exquisite home decor products. It embodies unparalleled elegance, glamour and sophistication. Furthermore, its allure, however, transcends mere aesthetics. 

A significant amount of research has been dedicated to exploring the remarkable qualities of this natural fibre. Findings reveal that silk proteins offer unparalleled advantages to human health, leading to their extensive use in both medicinal and cosmetic fields.

Let's explore some of the primary health advantages offered by silk fabric.

5 reasons to switch to silk fabric this summer

1.) Silk Slows Down Ageing

Since silk is a natural fabric, it has an innate ability to generate and maintain moisture, working wonders on the skin during overnight contact. Dermatologists recognize silk's potential to diminish the appearance of ageing and rejuvenate the skin, even after just a brief period of sleep.

Unlike cotton and polyester fabrics, which can strip moisture from the skin during a night's sleep, silk fabric helps to restore and retain this essential moisture, crucial for maintaining youthful, radiant skin.

2). Silk Can Improve Sleep

If you've ever indulged in the luxury of sleeping on silk, you'll know how swiftly it can lull you into slumber. It's no wonder that bedding manufacturers are increasingly drawn to this fabric for one primary reason: its unparalleled comfort.

Silk, a naturally luxurious material renowned for its lustre and soft texture, possesses the remarkable ability to regulate body temperature and manage moisture levels, even amidst varying climates. Furthermore, this makes silk an exceptional choice for enhancing the quality of your sleep. Its gentle touch soothes the nervous system, promoting relaxation and facilitating the essential stages of sleep.

3). Say no to allergies 

Finding suitable clothing or bedding can be challenging for those who have multiple allergies or sensitive skin. A night's sleep can result in widespread rashes, with no apparent solution in sight.

Silk emerges as an optimal hypoallergenic remedy for skin sensitivity and allergies. Its innate qualities cater to all, including its originators—the silkworms—whose cocoons act as protective barriers against dust mites. Furthermore, the proteins within silk deter these tiny pests, commonly associated with allergic reactions.

Additionally, silk's smooth, elongated fibres ensure skin comfort, averting allergic responses and enabling tranquil sleep, a well-deserved reprieve.

4). It works wonders for hair health

Surely, you're familiar with the desire for "silky smooth hair," a coveted trait we all aspire to. Interestingly, this isn't merely a casual phrase—studies indicate that silk can indeed foster healthier, glossier hair.

It's widely acknowledged that using a silk pillowcase for sleep can mitigate the risk of hair tangling during the night, a common cause of breakage. The smooth surface of silk enables hair to glide smoothly instead of becoming tangled and knotted, significantly reducing the potential damage over time.

Expanding on that, if you aim to preserve your hairstyle overnight, experts often advise wearing a silk head wrap or scarf. Studies suggest that this practice can help slow down the accumulation of oils in the hair, allowing you to extend the lifespan of your hairstyle by a few more days.

                                                  Struggling with dry, dehydrated skin?

                                                       Silk fabric could be your solution

  1. Helps to keep your skin moisturised

While we're not suggesting you give up moisturizer entirely, sleeping on silk bedding can assist in maintaining skin hydration throughout the night.

Crafted from tightly woven, sleek fibres, silk possesses properties that help retain moisture near the skin, unlike cotton, which can cause moisture loss. This aspect ties back to combating signs of ageing—well-moisturized and supple skin leads to reduced wrinkles and a more youthful appearance!

Silk is surely a summer-friendly fabric! 

As a fabric, it is breathable and even helps in reducing sweat rather than absorbing it. As a result, people prefer using it as a bed and pillowcases. Furthermore, it helps enhance the skin and hair condition. 

Those of you who are cotton lovers and are not sure whether silk would be a good fabric or not, need to calm down and give this material a try. Just like cotton, silk is cooler, breathable and moisture-wicking compared to cotton. 

Reasons for opting for silk blend fabric this summer

Silk blend fabrics comprise a range of textiles incorporating natural silk alongside materials like cotton, linen, wool, and rayon. This blending technique accentuates silk's exceptional characteristics while compensating for any limitations. Moreover, silk blend fabrics offer a more budget-friendly option compared to pure silk, making them an attractive alternative, especially for casual attire, even on a tighter budget.

5 Printed silk fabrics to shop from FFAB

  1. Blue-Golden Color Striped Chiffon Silk Fabric

FFAB's Blue Golden coloured striped Chiffon Silk Fabric is a stunning material. The distinctive blue and golden striped pattern adds elegance to any creation. Furthermore, the fabric is suitable for those who are seeking a high-quality chiffon silk fabric with a unique design.

  1. Pink-Orange Color Printed Pashmina Silk Fabric

Featuring a vibrant blend of pink and orange hues, this pink-orange coloured printed pashmina silk fabric is perfect for designing elegant attire. Ideal for designing floor-length maxi gowns, this fabric combines the luxurious feel of pashmina with the visual appeal of silk, making it a standout choice for fashion-forward creations.

  1. Orange Color Printed Noile Silk Fabric

Orange Colour Printed Noile Silk Fabric is another beautiful material available on the FFAB. This can be styled into various garments like maxi gowns, tops, sarees, dresses, shirts, palazzos, or skirts. Furthermore, this versatile fabric is suitable for crafting vibrant outfits.

  1. Pink-Orange Color Printed Georgette Satin Silk Fabric

The Pink-Orange Color Printed Georgette Satin Silk Fabric is a captivating choice for those looking to infuse their wardrobe with a burst of vibrant shades and sophisticated elegance. Adorned with intricate prints, the beautiful blend of hues like pink and orange adds an extra layer of visual appeal.  

Crafted from a luxurious mix of georgette and satin silk, it offers a seamless blend of lightweight drape and silky smoothness, making it ideal for crafting flowing dresses, elegant blouses, and statement pieces that require a touch of grace and fluidity. 

  1. Multi Color Printed Kota Silk Fabric

FFAB's exquisite multicoloured printed Kota Silk Fabric is an ideal choice for those who appreciate the fine craftsmanship and vibrant allure of Indian textiles. Furthermore, the material is ideal for designing a wide range of garments including maxi gowns, tops, sarees, dresses, shirts, palazzos, or skirts, offering a canvas for your fashion creations. Moreover, the beautiful screen-printed patterns on a delicate Kota silk background marries comfort with elegance.


Imagine the wonders that printed silk fabric and silk blend fabrics can do for your skin and hair. From the smooth allure of printed satin silk fabric to the rustic elegance of printed tussar silk fabric and the gentle caress of printed cotton silk fabric, each promises not just an aesthetic boost but a healthful embrace for your skin and hair. Ready for that silky-smooth transformation?

Printed silk fabric

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