6 reasons why we consider FFAB as the BEST online fabric store

So, let's talk about why FFAB is hands down the best online fabric store out there. With a plethora of options flooding the internet, it's easy to get lost in the sea of choices. But fear not! FFAB stands tall for several reasons that set it apart from the rest. From top-notch quality fabrics to unparalleled customer service, FFAB has got it all. 

Our Story

Founded by Mr Praavin Mittaal in 1999 in the city of Joy, Kolkata. His discerning gaze swiftly developed an appreciation for the diverse array of premium fabrics, colours, textures, and weaves that the city presented. Furthermore, this gave birth to the idea of starting a textile company with innovation & sustainability at its heart.

The concept quickly surpassed the confines of the petite Kolkata shop and established its headquarters in Mumbai in 2003. In 2004, Praavin was joined by his brother, Mr. Sandeep Mittal, and together they embarked on a mission to make their mark in India's fashion hub, Delhi.

Yes, FFAB is the best online fabric store India to shop INDIAN TEXTILES. 

Here, are 6 convincing reasons for you.

  1. Holds the largest collection of natural Indian Textiles

Whether silk is your cup of tea or cotton or bamboo, FFAB got you covered. FFAB houses a hefty range of natural fabrics. 

Along with that, as a brand, we have expanded the range of materials to products including Stoles/Scarves, Sarees, and unstitched lengths.

  1. House of Exclusive Range of Fabrics.

Through our collaboration with numerous artisans and weavers nationwide, we curate an exclusive collection of fabrics showcasing a variety of elements such as natural dyes, hand block prints, hand embroideries, and more.

  1. More than 500+ Variety of Dyeable fabrics

Discover an unparalleled selection of over 500 varieties of dyeable fabrics offered by FFAB. From luxurious silks to versatile cotton, our extensive collection caters to every design need. With FFAB, unleash your creativity and bring your visions to life with our diverse range of high-quality fabrics awaiting your unique touch.

  1. 70% Items are Available For Repeat Order- More than

Unlock a world of convenience and style with FFAB. With over 70% of our products readily available for repeat orders, you can effortlessly replenish your favourites and explore new additions to elevate your wardrobe. Experience seamless shopping and endless options with FFAB.

  1. Tailor Your Style: Personalize Prints, Weaves, and Embroidery Designs

Unleash your creativity with FFAB's bespoke services. From intricate prints to handcrafted weaves and embroidery, customize every detail to reflect your unique taste and personality. Elevate your wardrobe with exclusive designs tailored just for you.

  1. Free Access to library of 5000+ Print Designs

Unlock unlimited creativity with our vast library of over 5000 print designs, available for free access. Delve into a world of endless possibilities as you explore a diverse array of patterns to elevate your projects. Whether you're seeking inspiration or searching for the perfect design, our extensive collection caters to every need, empowering your artistic journey.


Wait, there's more! We got to introduce you to our Weaver community

FFAB's weaver community

FFAB's founders have been active supporters of the rich textile industry of our nation, and have curated a versatile community of  1375+ artisans and weavers. Our community includes weavers and artisans from the entire nation to bring the very best to the shelves of FFAB. 

Guided by the cultural essence intertwined in each thread of fabric, prioritizing the quality and authenticity of the artistry has consistently remained paramount over quantity.

Wrapping Up 

There's no denying that FFAB stands out as the ultimate online fabric store for six compelling reasons. From our unparalleled selection of premium fabrics to our commitment to sustainable practices, we strive to exceed your expectations at every turn. 

With our dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, FFAB isn't just a fabric store—it's your partner in crafting dreams. Experience the FFAB difference today and elevate your creative journey to new heights!

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