7 Must-Know factors which top fashion designers consider while choosing their fabric supplier

Do you want to know the 7 must-know factors which top fashion designers consider while choosing their fabric supplier?


  1. Fashion Designers look for the largest possible collection of fashion fabrics under one roof so that it is easy for them to visualize their collection in one place rather than running around multiple places to source fabrics. 
  2. They look for the ability and flexibility of the fabric company to develop designs as per their ideas and concepts. This being a tiring and time taking process, only a few companies often show interest in doing it. It’s extremely critical for Designers to see fabric swatch of the designs that they want to develop with a fabric company so that they can plan further for their garment collection. Fabric plays a very important role in their overall collection.
  1. Designers need to be assured of the exclusivity of their designs which they develop with a fabric company. Most fabric companies do not give due importance to this and often sell their designs in the market for their commercial gains.  Hence, Top Designers choose fabric companies which remain always loyal to them. 
  1. A Fashion Designer does not want to be restricted by the quantity that they need to buy.  At the same time, they need assurance of delivery without restrictions of quantity. Most of the fabric companies often restrict them with Minimum Order Quantity (MoQ) which results either in cancellation of their garment orders or increase in their fabric inventory which they might not be able to use in the future. 
  1. Every designer works with many different base fabrics called Frequently Ordered Fabrics which they need on-demand and expect fabric suppliers to always stock such fabrics with them. They often face this problem with fabric suppliers which results in loss of orders and revenue for them.
  1. Many of the Designers rely heavily on their fabric sourcing employee or runner who goes out in the market to fetch fabrics for them. Most of the runners and sourcing managers have an unethical understanding with the fabric companies where both of them get undue benefits. This results in a huge loss for the fashion designers as this practice becomes long term and permanent in nature. So, they need fewer fabric companies who are totally transparent and honest in their dealings to avoid such malpractices resulting in huge losses for the fashion companies.
  1. Designers love to work with companies that have manufacturing strength and are well integrated. This gives them an upper hand for their regular fabric development need and assure them of the best prices. Fabric traders often misinform them of content and lead time-related information which results in loss of orders and revenue for them. 

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