5 Myths About Silk Fabrics That You Must Know

                                                                                5 Myths About Silk fabric


                                                            Pure Silks is difficult to distinguish from artificial silks

It is most easy to identify pure silk yourself by doing a simple burn test. Pull some thread from the fabric and burn it. Once it burns, silk yarn will turn to ashes. Also, silk, when burnt, does not release any toxic substances. However, if you burn some threads from polyester fabric, it will melt and turn into a hard solid lump which can’t be crushed by hand. When you burn threads from viscose based fabrics, it burns slowly with smoke but no flame and smells like burnt paper. 


                                                             Garments made from Silks must be Dry-cleaned only

Silk fabrics and garments are commonly recommended for dry cleaning only, but these fabrics or garments can be washed in machine or hand washed with soft detergents. If there is any print, embroidery or any other surface treatment or are made with some special dyes, it must be then recommended dry cleaning. Nonetheless, one must follow the care label.


Silk Fabrics are very delicate & don’t last long

Although silk is lightweight and may seem delicate, it is one of the strongest fabrics. If taken proper care of, they usually last long. Long back before nylon was invented, silk used to be the preferred fabric for use in making parachutes because of its strength-to-weight ratio. 


Silk is always smooth & shiny  

This is not the fact. There are many textures and feel to silk fabrics. Fabrics like sateen, crepes, and many more do have such property but there are many silk fabrics which are rough and non-shiny. These are called wild silks e.g Muga, Tusser, and Eri, etc. Wild silk is obtained from cocoons of the oak silkworm. Wild silks are more difficult to bleach and dye than silk from Bombyx mori, but most have naturally attractive colors.


Silk is not a day to day wear 

Silk garment is pleasant to the body, gentle and light. Silk clothes do not attract dust, do not electrify, and have an antibacterial effect. The smallest voids in the silk fiber absorb and evaporate most of the skin moisture, which gives a feeling of coolness in the heat.

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