5 facts about khadi fabric that you must know

Friends, let us look at 5 interesting facts about khadi fabrics that you must know.
Khadi represents freedom of rural India in the true sense of the word as dreamt by Mahatma Gandhi. Somehow, over the years, it has been completely neglected and lost its relevance. There is a constant effort by the government of India and KVIC, in particular, to revive the importance of khadi and make it a day to day wear fabric.
Here are 5 facts about khadi fabric that you must know …
  • Khadi is any fabric that is handspun and hand-woven.
  • Khadi is a weather-friendly fabric and remains cool in summer and hot in winter
  • The same fabric when woven again is generally not exactly the same re-establishing the fact that it is a handwoven fabric
  • About 63% artisans & weavers engaged in the production of khadi fabrics & its blends across India are women proving the fact that it is a household & cottage industry in India
  • Khadi fabric is a 100% natural & eco-friendly fabric
I am Pravin Mittal, Co-founder & Director of FFAB Creattions Pvt Ltd, popularly known as FFAB. At FFAB, we have been promoting this fabric for a long time now. FFAB engages more than 375 weavers for the production of Khadi Fabrics & its blends having over 390 designs in different types of weaves, colors, and textures.
FFAB brings to you the largest collection of khadi fabrics and its blends at our flagship store at New Delhi and Ahmedabad. Visit us to experience the heritage of rural India to adopt it as a part of your daily life. I invite all the fashion designers and Boutiques Owners to promote khadi fabrics to help the large population of women in rural India in becoming self-independent.
You can also shop online at www.ffab.com or Call or Whatsapp on 9650 700711

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